My Story

PSYCH-K® is a simple, yet powerful, process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong (or Chi Gong) is a5000-year-old art of both Self-Healing and cultivating one’s life force energy through exercises that involve breathing, visualization and gentle movements.

Although Qi Gong is mainly considered to be a self-training discipline, Qi emission (or external Qi Gong) from a Master or Practitioner has always been part of the medical Qi gong practice to help others regain health. Therefore, there are differences between internal Qi Gong training and external Qi Gong therapy in the history and development of Medical Qi Gong.


Fa Qi Si


Fa Qi” means project energy.

A “Fa Qi Si” is a practitioner who holds a certification from the Ancient Qi Gong “Fa Qi”Healing Certification Program (by Master Teresa) and is trained to perform Qi Balancing Sessions.

I started Qi Gong early 2011 by learning the Qi Gong Level 1 form. After meeting Master Teresa at the 2012 Yoga Show, I took the Wu's Eye Qi Gong® Intensive workshop in order to improve my vision. I attended Master Teresa’s “Fa Qi Si” Program and graduated in  November 2012 as a Certified Qi Energy Healer. At the 2012 Whole life Expo and the 2013 Yoga Show, at Master Teresa® booth, I cleared people’s pain and anxiety away by sending Qi without touching them!

For several years, I have been practicing the Wu's Eye Qi Gong® twice a day and the Qi Gong for Men form® or the 8 Brocade form once a day. I also help my family and people at trade shows by doing Qi Balancing sessions with them.

Practicing Qi Gong every day replaced my need for acupuncture  sessions. When I saw my Eye Doctor in February 2013, he told me that my glasses’ lens prescription was too strong for my eyes. I haven’t been wearing my glasses since then and do feel that my vision is improving!

Qi Gong also helped me reconnect with my body and improve my inner peace, allowing me to better manage my Ulcerative Colitis that has been troubling me for 18 years!

Continuing my self-improvement journey, I attended the PSYCH-K® Basic and Advanced Workshop to change the limiting beliefs in my life and be a Certified PSYCH-K® facilitator. In April 2015, I became a Certified Qi Gong Instructor in order to teach people the Wu’s Health & Fitness Qi Gong form allowing them to empower themselves and be able to practice Qi Gong on their own.

In April 2016, I attended the Shadow Energetics Workshop to be able to work with the several sub-personalities we are made of and put into light what are their positive and negative attributes in order embrace both equally.

By combining my practice of Qi Gong, PSYCH-K® and Shadow Energetics, I help clients feel more in tune with their body and emotions, allowing them to approach day-to-day life challenges in a much more positive and relaxed way. This practice reduce unwanted stress and support clients in having a healthy life.

As my practice evolve, I am now blending my modalities together into an intuitive healing experience. I use my ability to listen and hold space for clients to find their own answer, their purpose and empower themselves to take a leap of faith, follow their path, embrace their true self and shine bright!!