​​​​​​​​Are you ready to take responsibility for your own life and be your true shining self?

My medicine is my ability to listen and hold space for you to find your own answer, your purpose and empower yourself to take a leap of faith, follow your path, embrace your true self and shine bright!!

Until you really dig deep and deal with your emotions and disowned selves, what you are struggling with will come back in one way or another until you listen and learn the lesson.

Shadow Energetics is wonderful and powerful way to do emotional release and embrace your dark and light shadow to remember/become who you are really meant to be in your life and shine.

PSYCH-K® is a great tool for reprogramming your mind with new self-enhancing beliefs while discovering more about yourself.

To facilitate this process I am here to use Shadow Energetics, PSYCH-K® and my life experiences in practice along with my ability to listen and hold space for you.

This healing work is for you if you need help to start and/or move on with your healing journey.

This healing work is especially useful for the following:

  • Having anxiety
  • Having worries
  • Having digestive issues (Chron’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS,…)
  • Feeling not worthy
  • Being an outcast
  • Feeling different and not fitting in a boxy life
  • Having been teased and/or bullied for being different
  • Looking for an holistic way to improve your life
  • Being critical and too harsh on yourself
  • Not expressing emotions and storing them internally
  • Acting/reacting based on what other people might think of you
  • Feeling not good enough
  • Being afraid of changes
  • Helping others without taking time for your own self-care
  • Placing other persons’ needs in front of your own
  • Feeling that your needs can never be satisfied
  • Holding on to past experiences and worrying about the future
  • Having a hard time making decision
  • Second-guessing yourself
  • Feeling drained when talking to people

If this resonates with you please contact me at stephane@songforahealthylife.com or by phone at (647) 880-5959 to get to know each other and figure out if it is right for us to work together.

You are not in the area or you just can't come in but would like to have guidance and do some PSYCH-K® or Shadow Energetics work?
We can connect on Skype, change the limiting beliefs for you to replace them with new self-enhancing beliefs and do much more!


  • 60 Min Session (over Skype or Zoom) : $113


All Prices include HST

Who is this healing work for?
For people like me, who are following a similar path. The program will help you to move forward to a different state of mind. The program can help anybody who feels stuck and doesn’t know what to do because of emotional- or thought-patterns that limit their lives.

What will we do in each session?
In each session we will talk and assess your goal and what you want to work on that day. It can be any concern, emotion, dream, or situation in your life that you wish to dig into. We will work to identify the root of the issue is and this can help you move forward. I will use the tools I have (Shadow Energertics, Psych-K, Listening) to keep the process moving forward and help you connect the dots on your own. The session can be done in person or over Skype. 

Are there any pre-requisites to participate?
No. I am here to hold space and facilitate your healing journey. You are the one doing the work.

What do I need to do in between each session?
Think about what happened in the previous session. If you connected any dots, think about what it means for you. Also, record your dreams and anything that comes to your mind. This will help you move forward in the next session. 

What exactly does Shadow Energetics mean?
Shadow Energetics recognizes that we are made up of several sub-personalities, each with positive and negative attributes. The dark shadows are often traits that are disowned by yourself and/or society; therefore we repress them. When you disown any of your selves, it leads to a build-up that will eventually burst, often when you are feeling weak. Working with Shadow Energetics means putting into light what are those positive and negative attributes and embrace both equally.

What exactly does PSYCH-K® mean?
PSYCH-K® utilize a unique muscle-testing protocol to communicate with the subconscious mind. In addition, different processes that create balanced communication between both brain hemispheres are used in order to change subconscious beliefs.  By reprogramming the mind with new self-enhancing beliefs, we reduce unwanted stress and support ourselves in having a healthy life. 


Conscious Healing Sessions