"​I went into to a Qi Gong session with an open mind and not knowing quite what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised how relaxing and stress releasing the session was with Stephane. For the occasional session I would explain that I was experiencing stress and tightness in certain areas of my body. After a session with Stephane, he would explain how and why our body reacts to stress in the way that it does. When I first started going to the Qi Gong guidance sessions, I was suffering from extreme acne. I found that after several sessions my body was beginning to heal. I enjoyed the sessions and found that it made a difference in my overall wellbeing."

- Ally, Newmarket, Qi Gong balancing session

"Stephane, I enjoyed your Qi Gong classes very much. Your instruction suits me very well as the way you teach is clear, methodical and gradual. The pace of learning is student driven and your attention and patience is greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much!  I look forward to continuing classes with you."
- Anna, Caledon, Qi Gong group class

"I believe that what is happening outside in my life is a reflection  of what is going on inside. Since doing Qi Gong and Psych.K  - the building where I live has changed hands, 2 of my neighbours have moved and now the apartment I have been waiting for has become available so I too will move.  I have handled all these changes with ease. I also notice that I feel more comfortable meeting strangers."
- Sheena, Aurora, Qi Gong group class & PSYCH-K® balancing session

"I had an issue with my very lower back in the curve. I also had discomfort under my left foot that started a couple of weeks ago. I was wearing shoes with medium height heels for a pretty long walk and it felt swollen on the bulge of both of my feet but more on the left side. Under my right foot it was gone but I was still feeling it under my left foot. I was feeling fine usually in shoes but was still feeling swollen when standing up not wearing any shoes. I also felt clogged and swollen in my sinuses all the way up to my eyes. After the session with Stephane, I felt really relaxed and my sinuses were very clear. It was fantastic, I felt the difference on my left foot. I still felt it a bit but it was much less than when we started the session. That’s amazing, absolutely, I felt the difference! My back felt better as well."
- Anna, Toronto, Qi Gong balancing session

"It was so great to meet you and to work with you this weekend! I just wanted to let you know that I had a much easier time driving home today.  The anxiety wasn't there anymore. But I think I still have to work on related issues like being confident when changing lanes, make it more specific to highway driving, etc. But it was so much better!  Thank you for helping me with that!"
– Grace, Toronto, PSYCH-K® balancing session